Below are samples of my design work for various businesses, non-profits, and the military.
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Class Demonstration Samples

Web Design and New Media - MFA Academy of Art University

This page shows every successful project produced throughout my Academy of Art University Web Technology class.
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Classes & Assignments

  1. WNM 618-OL2: MS Web Technology 2
  2. WNM 601-OL2 : MS Inside Programming 2

Web Technology Demonstrations

Name Module Description
XHTML Pages Module 1 This is the first XHTML page designed in the this class. It demonstrates the use of a background color, simple XHTML styling, and linked pages.
Relative Linking Module 2 Color Site:
This demonstration shows the use of relative URLs in a complex folder structure.
Lorem Ipsum Module 3 This page demonstrates the use of division level and inline level tags. It also displays the use of ul and ol lists.
Recipe v1 Module 3 This recipe is the first in a series of revisions. This first recipe page demostrates the use of HTML to provide the foundation for a page.
Recipe v2 Module 4 Version 2 of the recipe page demostrates basic styling with CSS, custom bullets, and a watermark.
Recipe v3 Module 5 This version of the recipe page shows more advanced uses for CSS. It has a two column floating layout, a drop shadow around the main container and rounded corners.
Tables Module 6 This site demostrates the use of Tables to display tabular data. It uses background images and is styled with CSS.
Recipe Website Modules
Recipes From My Friends Part 4 and 5:
Completed code; external CSS-Complete recipe site
Three Column Layout Module 8 This page demonstrates two different techniques. It shows how to create a liquid three-column layout using a background image and it demonstrates how sprites can be used to create button rollovers.
Fancy Buttons Module 8 The navigation in this site uses a CSS technique that allows buttons to automatically expand to fit the text.
Survey Form Module 9 This demonstration serves as an introduction to HTML forms styled with CSS. It contains input forms, a password form, radio buttons, a drop down and styled buttons.
Alert Boxes Module 10 This page demonstrates how to build a simple alert box using java script.
Date Obj. v1 Module 10 This page demonstrates how to build a simple function using the date object.
Date Obj. v2 Module 10 This example builds on version 1 by using specific methods within the date class to provide better formatting.
Date Obj. v3 Module 10 This page is similar to version 2, but instead of calling the function on page load, it is called from within a paragraph.
Date Obj. v4 Module 10 The final version of the Date Object project shows how the text built with JavaScript can be styled using CSS.
Image Gallery Module 11 The Image Gallery page demonstrates how the DOM can be referenced through JavaScript to swap out images and append HTML text.
FAQ Page Module 11 Ths page uses if/else conditions within a JavaScript function to expand and collapse sections of HTML.
Demonstration Pages
Module 12 This five-page site shows how the jQuery library can be used to enhance a site and provide a high level of interactivity for the user.
Quick Time Movie 13 Linking and Embeding a Quick Time Movie
Personal Portfoio 14 This is my online portfolio and resume. It includes my resume, work samples, and exhibits a wide variety of skills and projects.

User Experience Design

Name Description
1 1
2 2
3 3
4 4